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A biker buddy system to keep newbies from dying on the open road

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BY: Dr. Erik Steele
Source: bangordailynews

United States - When I see motorcyclists riding around on these nice days with their hair streaming out behind them, I think of all the times I have run my fingers through such hair. Exploring more gently than a lover might, I've palpated injured riders' heads for skull fractures, glass fragments and the sources of blood congealing on the scalp. These memories are visceral, automatic and emotional, and I just cannot shake them off when I see unhelmeted motorcyclists.

What I can shake off is the instinct to write yet another column advocating for mandatory motorcycle helmets, so I will not do that here. Rather, this column is a plea to all of you experienced bikers out there to take on additional responsibility for helping reduce the rising toll of motorcyclist injuries that is sweeping America.

About 4,500 motorcyclists are going to be killed in the next 12 months, and another 87,000 injured, unless we do something different than we have in past years.

So here's my idea for something different: the motorcyclist safe rider buddy system...


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Posted on 6/22/2012 8:53 AM |

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Well Said, vbritt.
Posted by StinkyFinger on 7/3/2012 12:37 PM

Very well said.

If ever there was anybody in desperate need of a blowjob and a beer it is the chap that wrote this article.

He needs a night on the town, anyone care to let him ride bitch? (helmets optional of course)

dear doc
Posted by vbritt on 6/22/2012 1:03 PM

have you ever heard of freedom of choice ? not every experenced rider out here likes a helmet or beleaves they help in all crashes , it is a known fact they sometimes do more harm than good. i know you like facts so let us take a look at 1 section of the country like the south east. most of these states require helmets. now find a map with the most deaths per 1000 or 10000 regestered motorcycles..... you will find this to be in the south east.... the only excuse given is they ride all year around ok, what about tx. n.m. az. and calf.? some with some without helmet laws. . . yes i know helmets save on fractured skulls but kill people when their brain swells which is common.... i have ridden non stop over 40 years and will admit helmeted riders make prettier corpeses than non helmeted ones but there seems to be a problem with the way you think. do you ride a motorcycle? have you ever ridden a motorcycle? have you studied the accident reports to find out how the accident happened? it sounds like this is your opinion which is fine with me and if you want to wear a helmet that is fine with me too but wearing a helmet should be my choice not some non riding person or the govt. educate do not legislate

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