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In My Opinion By Roadblock 1%er: $$ Million Dollar $$ Bribe

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BY: RoadBlock 1%er

USSA - What if Someone Offered You a $$ Million Dollar $$ Bribe To Betray Your Family and Friends?

What if that "Someone" was the Government?

IN MY OPINION: In case after case, motorcycle club members are being offered illegal government bribes to turn on other club members to save their own asses.

Someone recently asked me if it was like this in my day. I responded, "No, it was different in the beginning." Back then, the government offered much more! There was cash money, a new name and fresh start with total immunity from all charges for snitches. Via the Federal Witness Protection Program, entire families were relocated and give new homes and lives, with your tax dollars footing the bill.

My case was the first successful prosecution of motorcycle clubs using the RICO laws. Prior to our trial, no patch-wearers made deals. At trial, three gutless ex-members testified. So yes, even then, entire chapters went down for years "thanks" to a few vengeful rats. However, back then, despite everything the government offered, most brothers stood strong and told the federal prosecutors "fuck you!"


The government wound up shitting in its own hat with their illegal tactics. In the late '90s, courts were flooded with wrongful-conviction appeals, overturned cases and compensation suits. Fed up, the Supreme Court ruled to curtail the bogus actions of the prosecution machine. But media-hog prosecutors learned to work around those rulings, and a "dismissal of charges brought by the Grand Jury" became the standard bribe.

How does a Dismissal of Charges deal become worth a million dollars? Ironically, the federal government itself has set the compensation value for someone they wrongfully sent to prison at about $25,000 per year. That makes a Dismissal of Charges bribe worth $25,000 per year. In U.S.P. Leavenworth, two Pagans I served time with collected $1.9 million for time they served for a crime they didn't commit.

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Posted on 7/16/2012 7:30 PM | 1%er News
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They need to pay up
Posted by triplesevenscc on 7/17/2012 1:09 AM

Problem is these rats mostly go untouched. Even the one that leave witness protection. Way back in the day no one rated on the mob because you died if you did. Now guys like sammy the bull ratted and left witness protection but still nothing happened to him or his family. Clubs, and mob families need to get together on this one if you rat out your brothers or family you die. If you can't reach them reach out to there family or close friends. This is coming from a currently serving soldier with a wife and two kids. I would never rat so I'm ok with extreme measures. This is need to keep the rats in check. If they go unpunished they think they can sell out there brothers and save themselves. I would hate to see what would happen to me if someone I called a brother put me away. I would be willing to do 25 to life and kill everyone they knew. It's time to make the rat bastards pay. Kill em all

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