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Question Posted By: biggles on 5-2-2007

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Make of Bike: harley
Model of Bike fxwg
Year of Bike 98
Engine Size 1340
Other info on Bike
What's your question? airforce rip off
Details: i want a air force blaster. over here in uk they are $348 am i being ripped off. not sure if i can ask this question here . but i am a biker and i do need help.

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  1. Are you're talking about the Forcewinder air filtration can get them through J&P Cycles, an online motorcycle parts distributor. By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 5-2-2007

  2. yes knuck,they call it a air force blaster here.i will check out j& p. thanks By: biggles on: 5-3-2007

  3. knuck, no thats an air filter. what i want is a air blaster for drying a wet bike . over here they call it a air force blaster and i think its $150 in the us and $348 here. tuff shit on import prices to uk.thats life. By: biggles on: 5-4-2007

  4. Ahhh...I see! It's called a 'leaf blower', invented here in the USA so Mexicans can wake your ass up at 7 o'clock in the fucking morning doing the neighbor's yard! I just take my ride out onto the freeway after washing it and the sumbitch 'blow dries' itself. If you want to use one to blow dry your's gonna cost what it costs. It's just money. By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 5-4-2007

  5. right on. By: biggles on: 5-4-2007

  6. J&P got a bike dryer for $42 bucks. Its a necked down leaf blower. The air force starts at $149 and goes up. All US$ dont know what the shippig cost would be By: Dutch on: 5-5-2007

  7. thanks dutch, i will check that out ,shipping on the airforce from us to uk is $90 so its not economic but the cheaper 1 may be . By: biggles on: 5-5-2007

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