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Question Posted By: H.D.30-06 on 7-5-2007

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Make of Bike: H.D.
Model of Bike sportster
Year of Bike 2001
Engine Size 1200cc
Other info on Bike
What's your question? Front brakes make noise
Details: It doesn't happen every time but more often than not my front brakes make noise when I apply them. This has going on for about a week and a half. They don't shake or vibrate. It's like a howling noise. The pads are close to needing a change but there is still some good pad on them. I'm thinking that they might be glazed over The rotor and caliper are tight as is the front wheel and there is no evidence of fluid leakage. Any thoughts?

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  1. Glazed pads will make the noise (vibration harmonic) you describe. You can remove the pads, lay a sheet of 100-grit sandpaper on a piece of glass and sand the glaze off...or replace the pads. I'd suggest replacing the pads unless you want to wring every thousandth of an inch out of the pads you have on there now. If you replace the pads, I suggest you use some dishsoap & water and some 400 wet or dry sandpaper and lightly sand the shine off the rotor also. It'll help break-in the new pads. By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 7-5-2007

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