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Question Posted By: JimmyD on 7-10-2007

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Make of Bike: harley
Model of Bike fxwg
Year of Bike 1981
Engine Size 80cc
Other info on Bike basket case someone else put together
What's your question? Why do clutches drag?
Details: I pull the clutch lever and it barely does its job. very hard shift and when on jack hard to turn back wheel when i pull lever. 1.) Are there common causes for this? 2.) Does the tamer work (if so whats it do) or is there any little updated toys to help with the early style clutches? Clutches seem so basic but i've only assembled one. cant imagine what would cause this.

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  1. i must admit i dont know a lot about cycle clutches , but when a clutch drags on a car its usually the clutch release bearing that needs replacing,whether a bike clutch has i dont know. ask wizard i am sure he will come up with an answer. By: biggles on: 7-11-2007

  2. Two things i've ran into. Springs on the pressure plate too tight, the adj under the derby, either 3 or 5 nuts with slots. And the pressure plate not tightened down square. Run into these on my 84'. By: Slyde on: 7-17-2007

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