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Question Posted By: luckierx on 9-17-2007

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Make of Bike: Harley
Model of Bike Rubking Classic
Year of Bike 2005
Engine Size 1450
Other info on Bike
What's your question? DTC codes P0122 and U1255
Details: I was on a run Sat and bike started acting like it was running out of gas. I thought maybe bad gas so refuel, seems to clear up. Sunday on the way home no problem except when I start the bike the security key light stays on longer than normal. I start it this morning and starts the cutting out again, and the warning light comes on. DTC codes that came up were P0122 and U1255. I also had new bars put on tues with wire extensions and wondered if anyone had any ideas?

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  1. Your P0122 trouble code means that there's a problem with the throttle position sensor. Something that might have gotten fucked up when you put on the new bars.

    The U1255 trouble code has to do with the turn signal security module not returning a response when polled. Also something that might have gotten fucked up when you put the new bars on. Sometimes extending wires can create a higher resitance in the wiring and possibly throw a code.

    If the bike runs okay then you just might want to let the codes clear themselves. If it continues to give you problems you'll probably have to have someone unfuck it for you.

    Good luck! By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 9-17-2007

  2. 47kd, Is this something I can potentially unfuck myself? I live 2hrs from the shop that did it (an independent in OKC i've always been happy with) They must have gotten in a hurry or something, the 1st thing I noticed was they didnt put adhesive on my left grip, I fixed that but then this other shit I'm hoping to be able to fix as I generally don't have time to trailer my bike 2hrs away. Any ideas on fixing the TPS? Thanks a lot for the input By: luckierx on: 9-17-2007

  3. Chances are the codes might have been thrown during the installation and are just stuck in the history. You're service manual [you did buy a service manual, right?] should tell you how to try and clear the codes yourself. If not...try this: Hope this doesn't come out as one fucking paragraph...

    Be advised this only applies to the full serial data bikes, ie 04 and 05's

    The IM (instrument module) is capable of displaying DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes).

    Speedometer Self Diagnostics: The speedometer is capable of displaying and clearing speedometer, tachometer, TSM/TSSM and ICM/ECM Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).

    1- Turn Ignition switch to OFF & Run/Stop switch is to Run.

    2- Push odometer reset button in & hold.

    3- Turn ignition switch to Ignition and release odometer reset button. Background lighting should illuminate, speedometer needle should sweep its full range and indicator lamps (battery, security, low fuel, check engine and cruise) should illuminate. The word diag should then appear.

    4 - Push the odometer reset button once and you will see the selection menu "PSSPt" with the first P flashing.

    5 - Each letter represents an area of the diagnostics module. The module that is flashing is the one you are going to check. To move from one letter (module) to the next, you push the odometer reset button one time. (from P to S to SP to t and back to P, etc.)

    P = ECM/ICM (Electronic Control Module (EFI) / (Ignition Control Module, 'Carbureted')
    S = TSM/TSSM (Turn Signal/ Turn Signal Security Module)
    SP = speedometer
    T = tachometer

    6 - To get the DTC within an area of diagnostics, push and hold the odometer reset button in for 5 seconds and release. If there are any DTCs the code will be displayed or the word none will appear if there are no DTCs. Push the odometer reset button again to view additional codes if they exist.

    7 - Record the codes.

    8 - If DTCs are not to be cleared, Press and release the odometer reset button. Part number of module will be displayed.

    NOTE: To determine if a code is current or historic, clear the displayed code by pushing in and holding the odometer reset button ( longer than 5 seconds) until 'clear' comes up. Release the odometer reset button. Turn OFF the ignition switch. Run your bike and shut it down then recheck the DTCs again by repeating steps 1 to 9. If the code is current it will reappear.

    9  Press and release the odometer reset button to continue to the next module.

    10  Turn Ignition switch to OFF.

    By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 9-17-2007

  4. KD thanks for typing all that. I hope your hands arent cramped up now. I will check all the connections and make sure its all tight and then clear the codes then try again and hope this unfucks it. By: luckierx on: 9-18-2007

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