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Question Posted By: JimmyD on 9-30-2007

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Make of Bike: HD
Model of Bike fxr
Year of Bike 92
Engine Size 80ci
Other info on Bike S&S carb
What's your question? 1/2 throttle then nothing.
Details: The bike goes great up to approximately half throttle then completely dies. If I roll on slowly it dies. If I crack it from idle (slow enough so the butterfly doesnt open tooo fast and kill it then) it dies at about half throttle. it seems directly related to where throttle is (1/2 way). I'm thinking right when main jet comes in? Every time I hit THAT point. Doesn't seem to be running out of fuel. Don't think its timing cuz it happens at any rpm depending on when I reach half throttle. I know the feeling of a low float setting. I'm thinking main jet but would the bike die like this? Wouldnt intermediate keep it going a little?

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  1. Forget it. Anybody take their kid to spiderman 3? That black shit was in my carb (but it looked a lot like the black silicon i was using ten minutes before changing jets) but it was VENOM from spiderman I'm fuckin sure of it! By: JimmyD on: 9-30-2007

  2. Couldn't fix the Bendix so you bought another bike? lol... By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 9-30-2007

  3. Unfortunately your tips for the bendix worked great, fixed the problems but now I gotta find other stuff to tear apart. By: JimmyD on: 10-1-2007

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