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Question Posted By: JimmyD on 10-4-2007

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Make of Bike: HD
Model of Bike xlx? (elec start)
Year of Bike 71
Engine Size 900ci
Other info on Bike
What's your question? Oil spray
Details: On the the primary side in primary cover is a cap with a giant screwdriver type slot. Seeme to be a breather...has filter type material in cap. Oil is blowing out the little hole in this all over my left foot. Finally needed to add oil and after I did oil stopped blowing out. Could this be clogged filter? Seems like I released built up pressure in system when I unscrewed the oil tank cap to put new oil.

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  1. I need to install a sticker on my helmet. Can anyone help me with that? I went to the local HD dealer (I love talking with the skilled techs at the counter) and asked "Hey...How much to THROW this on?" but they wouldnt do it. So any help would be appreciated. Oh I was thinking..'hmm, why not just take the exhaust pipes right off the bike, then it will really flow!' I've never seen anyone do this am I the only one who could think of it? I hope these arent to difficult for you I could really use some help..Shit theres my cell phone ...conference call, gotta go. By: JimmyD on: 10-11-2007

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