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Question Posted By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on 1-7-2008

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Make of Bike: Harley-Davidson
Model of Bike FLH ElectraGlide
Year of Bike 1969
Engine Size 106 CI
Other info on Bike Fast-Ass motherfucker
What's your question? No problems...just testing!
Details: Unless you have a Hayabusa...don't even!

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  1. Posting this as a test for Thump', or Thumper, or Thumperr, or Thumperrr, or Thumperrrr...I forget how many r's to add.

    By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 1-7-2008

  2. lotta Rs man,,,lotta,,,lotta Rs By: THUMPERRRR on: 1-7-2008

  3. The chronological order of replies in this thread seem to skip back and forth. Anyone else see this, besides me?!

    By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 1-7-2008

  4. just tried it again,,,fuck it(more than 1 way ta skin a cat!!!,,,1981,,,80" FLT,,,33,000orig MI. rubber mounted motor with 5 speed,,,orig. primary,,,,here's the deal:::motor makes noise/vibration when decelerating,,,while riding and freewheeling,,,noise comes in at certain lower RPM as motor RPMs drop and goes away just above idle(narrow range of RPM)have replaced front motor mount with updated rubber mount and replaced both front and top stablizer links,,,that helped some as front one was loose as fuck,,,but root problem is still there... By: THUMPERRRR on: 1-7-2008

  5. I don't think the rubber mounts are the problem, per se. The rubber mounts fail because they were not designed to take side loads. Erik Buell says that rubber mounted motorcycles must have at least three stabilzer links connecting the powertrain unit to the frame to prevent lateral instability. The Dyna and V-Rod are manufactured with only ONE STABILIZER LINK.

    TRUE-TRACK, suspension stabilization device for DYNA's Part NO. 20-30 will eliminate front and rear motor mount failure, NOW. The TRUE-TRACK kit includes 2 units, a front stabilization device with a vertical travel limiter and a rear stabilization unit, for a total of three stabilizer links.

    Also, if you've dialed down your engine idle, that will also cause vibration when you close off the throttle and drop down into a low rpm verses actual speed.

    When replacing mounts, your best bet is replace ALL the mounts and check your engine alignment. By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 1-7-2008

  6. yes I was told that I should replace the rear bushing setup(when I re-did the rubber mount and front and top stablizers) I didn't want to scatter her too bad this summer as $$ was short and winter was coming....I plan on doing it now,,,also your note strikes MUCH intrest,,,---"Also, if you've dialed down your engine idle, that will also cause vibration when you close off the throttle and drop down into a low rpm verses actual speed"--- indeed I have been keeping the noise/vibration to a minimum by turning down the throttle when decelerating, rather that cutting it to the idle position,,,because it seemed to lessen the noise greatly... By: THUMPERRRR on: 1-7-2008

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