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Question Posted By: JUSTUS on 7-23-2008

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Make of Bike: HD
Model of Bike FXD
Year of Bike 1998
Engine Size 1340
Other info on Bike SE Heads, EV-27 cam, Thunderheader, stock ignition (which is being replaced with DYna2000)
What's your question? Thunderheader Bracket Breaking
Details: Anyone had any luck solving the issues with stock T/Header bracket cracking? I see they have a rubber mount version which makes sense...Anyone know of any aftermarket brackets or other tricks to strengthen? I'm guessing the rubber mounted version of the same bracket is my best shot but I figured with it being so common of a problem, someone might have had some better luck. I'm getting tired of rewelding the bracket every other day! Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. If it's chromed, 3/16 of an inch or less in thickness and cracks...welding it does nothing. Chromed shit that cracks is due to hydrogen embrittlement. If the fix is rubber mounting...then that's the fix...until the rubber wears out...then you need to fix that.

    I build all my brackets out of 3/8" steel and paint them flat black! They may not be pretty...but they don't crack!

    By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 7-23-2008

  2. Knuck is dead on right here...I have a Thunderheader on my FXR and when I first started running it I had constant headaches with the cheesey mounting brackets on the pipe. I rmoved the brackets and welded thicker ones that had never been chromed and painted them black. I also tossed the cheesey mounting hardware that comes with the install kit and fabricated stronger stuff instead. I have had no problems with it in about three years now. By: godzilla on: 12-27-2008

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