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Question Posted By: madmidget on 1-9-2009

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Make of Bike: HD
Model of Bike FLSTF
Year of Bike 2005
Engine Size 1450
Other info on Bike stock carb with stage one kit, K&N filter and Cobra's version of longshots
What's your question? Any carb adjustment tips ?
Details: Lately it's running a little rich and backfires when I let off the throttle. I've adjusted the idle and was fine as far as idling goes but now doesn't idle well until it's been rode for about 1/2 hour or so (I let it warm up too before taking off). Filters clean and plugs are new, runs the same.

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  1. Try leaning out the low speed jet a little. By: greybeard77 on: 1-9-2009

  2. Thanks greybeard77, will give it a shot. By: madmidget on: 1-10-2009

  3. Also, you can drill out the plug to get to the air mixture screw underneath. Mine is an 02 fxst with the cv. I went up a notch on the slow speed jet, a .048 if memory serves (WHAT???) correctly... By: capnbill on: 1-12-2009

  4. Thanks Capn, I've drilled that part out sometime back. Just need to keep tinkerin with it until I get it right. By: madmidget on: 1-12-2009

  5. You might want to check the heat range on your plugs also. Try a hotter plug it can work wonders sometimes. By: MarkGoff on: 1-13-2009

  6. Thanks Mark, give that a shot as well. Afterall it's been in the 20s and 30s and she's cold natured in the summertime. So maybe with these temps.... By: madmidget on: 1-14-2009

  7. I noticed you said lately, your bike has started running rich. Your air filter might be a bit clogged if you ride much on damp roads in the winter, check your breather and breather tubes. I know that in the past my filter looked ok from the outside but was slimed up inside from oil spray. Is Exhaust clear also? If you have fiber glass packing it can come loose and choke your bike also. not likely. By: MarkGoff on: 1-21-2009

  8. It's funny, I checked everything but didn't tweek anything but it got up to around 50 degress here and she ran like a champ. Rode her the next day and temp had dropped back down to just above 30 and again she ran like shit, backfiring like crazy when I let off the throttle and won't idle at stops (had to maintain the throttle to keep it from dying). Appreciate all the tips, I'll keep poking around and let ya know what I find. Surrounding temperature definitely seems to be a factor. Keep in mind I've only been in this area for a little over a year and it's definitely colder than southeast Virginia where I came from. By: madmidget on: 1-25-2009

  9. By: starbuck on: 1-29-2009

  10. Could you be icing up in your carb? I know that it causes problems in planes choking down the air flow and richening up the fuel mix. bad day when your carb freezes up at a thousand feet when landing. By: MarkGoff on: 4-3-2009

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