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Question Posted By: cross on 4-1-2009

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Make of Bike: Harley
Model of Bike XL Sportster
Year of Bike 1977
Engine Size 1000cc
Other info on Bike
What's your question? Wondering about a motor.
Details: Picked up this frame for 50 bucks and while searching for a motor found them to be damn near impossible to come by. Wondering if anyone would know where to get one cheap(don't need it running.) Or if another motor will fit without altering the frame. Specs say it is the 1000cc ironhead.

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    By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 4-1-2009

  2. If the motor mounts aren't altered, most sporty motors will fit, I think... I rode 'em for years and my bones hate me now. By: capnbill on: 4-2-2009

  3. 1972 and up all 1000cc 1975 shifter moved to left side via linkage 1977 case changed to left side shift 1977 and up use the same case's 1984-85 generator replaced with alternator My choice would be a 1977 and up, check fleabay and craigs list sleeper By: Sleeper on: 4-2-2009

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