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Question Posted By: 82shovel82 on 12-17-2009

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Make of Bike: harley
Model of Bike fxb sturgis
Year of Bike 1982
Engine Size 80 ci
Other info on Bike has flh hydraglide frontend,instead of the little original (i call it sporty) one
What's your question? want to know where i can find a 6 speed tranny (that fits)for my shovel.....has the original 4 speed factory.....for less than 30.000 dollars everybody wants.....thanks for any info.
Details: same as above.........

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  1. an independent shop in my area can get you a 6 speed tranny for approx $600 - $700...they are reportedly of a good quality and he hasnt had any complaints on them...shoot me a PM and I will send contact info if ya wanna get in touch with him... By: bikernerd99 on: 12-23-2009

  2. look at their 6 speeds, I put one in with my 74 100inch shovel it works great $600+ done deal. By: Comish on: 2-15-2010

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