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Question Posted By: mooseariss on 4-4-2011

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Make of Bike: Harley
Model of Bike FLSTF
Year of Bike 2001
Engine Size 1400
Other info on Bike
What's your question? Best Replacement for solid wheels
Details: I have these solid wheels on my Fatboy, which look nice, but catch air like a Kite and are obnoxious as hell to keep cleaning because they are all chrome. Last guy who owned the bike installed them. I have been told getting spoke rims for my bike is not a good idea since I'm a big guy. but I'm not too keen on the idea of dropping a wad of cash on some expensive ass rims. What is the best course of action? Should I just deal with the rims, or look into an alternative?

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  1. I have seen people machine circular holes in the solid wheels. They said it solved the problem with crosswinds. After machining, you could always have them powdercoated. By: alcorrupt on: 4-5-2011

  2. Wouldn't machining circular holes mess with the structural integrity of the rim? Or would it just take out extra unnecessary material? By: Guest on: 4-5-2011

  3. Stock Fatboy wheels are made from CAST aluminum. They are not machined from solid Billet aluminum. Cutting holes in the cast could be a problem as castings are not as strong as billet. By: Guest on: 4-5-2011

  4. I have a 2000 fatboy and road to Sturgis wih a few bagers wind blew hard had to lean into wind just as much as baggers. their is no difference. it;s in you head lol on my ninth Hd. i can sit on the back seat and it goes straight in the wind. By: Guest on: 4-6-2011

  5. Spokes been holdin people up on wheels before the 20th century. Unless by "big" you mean holy shit big, what would be the problem. By: FLHS1200 on: 4-6-2011

  6. lots of flt type mags out there you can get cheap try ebay or swap meets By: Guest on: 4-12-2011

  7. leave the solid on the rear and replace the front with a good quality spoked rim - its the front that blows you all over, the rear will be just fine - I have a spoked front and solid rear and it looks great By: Guest on: 4-13-2011

  8. Had a friend just this year blow out a spoke and then they all went while traveling freeway speed. Not a pretty site. I would go mag if i replaced mine. Can patch em on the side of the road if you get a flat since you dont have a tube. By: beau on: 4-18-2011

  9. Heritage wheels are a straight over cross,and you get your handling back. By: brokeknee on: 4-23-2011

  10. have you seen the thick spokes out now,[check out occs vet chop same size]without barbed wire,might be a way to go.good luck to ya. By: fuzzymick on: 4-25-2011

  11. Check ebay or local indy for tacke off mags. Lots of people get the baggers and trade the mags in for something cooler looking. By: buckrdmc on: 4-26-2011

  12. Right on-this helped me sort tihngs right out. By: Guest on: 12-5-2011

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