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Question Posted By: stroker on 6-22-2011

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Make of Bike: harley
Model of Bike flsts
Year of Bike 98
Engine Size 1340
Other info on Bike
What's your question? primary chain oil
Details: does anyone know of a good sub. for HD primary oil??I used to run car trany. fluid in an old shovel,,,,the stuff harley sells for 8.00 a qt. smells and feels just like chainsaw bar oil. Just wonderin'.

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  1. I've been using whatever is laying around, as long as it's new. Seems ok. 2002fxst By: capnbill on: 6-23-2011

  2. Air compressor oil By: Guest on: 6-23-2011

  3. You can run damn near anything in a primary... Cheap 10-40, ATF, all the way up to Redline MTF. Only thing to be aware of is any "friction modifier" (PTFE or teflon) motor oils, as some of those can cause the clutch to slip. I like ATF myself as its cheap and is designed to work with clutch materials. By: Guest on: 6-24-2011

  4. Whenever I convert someone's Shovel primary over to a closed well as installing "wet" clutch disks I use Type F ATF fluid, as opposed to GM. No runs, no drips, no errors! By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 6-25-2011

  5. i have worked as a harley mech for over 40 years when working for a harley dealership in 88 harly canada ran out of primary oil we were told to run type f trans oil told it was the same thing harley used but had red dye added have used ever since putting in thousands of bikes over the years never had any touble also as added bonus if bike has a leak and its red you no were to look By: Guest on: 6-27-2011

  6. Thanks to all,,I always run type-f in my old shovel with no problem,,I figured evo-s and later had to be the same. The red dye is good for finding leaks. By: stroker on: 7-1-2011

  7. Thank God! Someone with binras speaks! By: Guest on: 1-1-2012

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