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Question Posted By: beau on 7-27-2011

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Make of Bike: hd
Model of Bike fxe
Year of Bike 77
Engine Size 94
Other info on Bike
What's your question? drive chain length?
Details: FXE with a 23t tran sproket. Changed the rear sprocket from a 51t to a 48t. How many links should i remove from the chain to accommodate for the drop in teeth? Wondering if there a calculation for how many links per tooth size. Thanks O-ring 530 chain pitch = .625 roller diameter = .39 Inside width = .38

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  1. I think you are making to big a deal out of this. Just install the chain and cut it off where it overlaps on the rear sprocket. By: Guest on: 7-27-2011

  2. Yeah your right, sometimes the anal side gets the best of me on shit like this. Measure 3000 times, cut once. By: beau on: 7-30-2011

  3. I always buy 110 link,then cut it to fit.Just please have the right tools and confidence in your own ability to do it,we learn by our own mistakes.I use a grinder(for the pins-the peened flats) and a chain breaker tool,part #6000697 thru J&P Cycles(closest I could find,that I've used,for the last 25-30 yrs),fuck the mini-breakers,unless they're in your saddle bags.Best of Luck. By: brokeknee on: 8-10-2011

  4. Hey Beau,me again.I just reread your post,three teeth ain't that big a difference,your adjusters(rear wheel) may make up the slack,but 2 links may make for the slack.It gets tricky,you going for better top end and willing to give up launch,whatever you give up on one side,you lose on the other.Most times a compatible arrangement is better,but then I don't know how you ride,or want to.Ya need to figure your ratio's from your primary to your rear wheel.Rivera/Primo has the formulas on their web,if you don't have their early catalog By: brokeknee on: 8-10-2011

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