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Question Posted By: Mark_Goff on 9-19-2006

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Make of Bike: 99 flh standard
Model of Bike dresser
Year of Bike 99
Engine Size 95in
Other info on Bike spun a bearing
What's your question? I am thinking of splitting the cases
Details: I spun a bearing in the bottom end. Metal everywhere. I have not split the cases on a twin cam. I don't see what the big deal is but several of the locals said it is a major job. I am fairly competent on top ends and hanging shit on a motor. Has anyone else split the cases and is there a mystery that I am not aware of? I have no problems with slabsides, shovels, or evo's

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  1. I GUESS i PUT THE REST OF THE QUESTION IN THE WRONG SPACE I spun a bearing and need to replace the rods, Everyone around here acts as if the twin cam cases should not be split, the issue seems to be resealing them. Anyone has any advice it is more than welcome. By: Mark_Goff on: 9-20-2006

  2. I use Hylomar" as a case sealant. I use a brass, hand wire-brush to clean the case edges, wipe the edge down with acetone, then a spaghetti-sized bead of Hylomar". By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 9-20-2006

  3. I don't know why splitting twin cam cases should be an issue. We do it all the time. They're not any more prone to leaking than any other set of Harley cases. We use Harley case sealant and so far none of the cases we split have leaked. By: Shovelhead on: 10-1-2006

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