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Question Posted By: Caesar342 on 6-7-2012

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Make of Bike: Yamaha
Model of Bike V star 650 classic
Year of Bike 1999
Engine Size 650
Other info on Bike
What's your question? Would anyone be generous enough to trade me or give me a Harley in perfect condition with clear blue title my title is bonded and can't afford to keep pouring money into it lost job and dad had a stroke in the same week I'm a poor biker

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  1. I have 2008 road king...but it needs a oil change write back to work out details ceasar By: Guest on: 6-10-2012

  2. Perhaps if you whore out dear old dad, by the time he sucks 3600 dicks or so, you'll have enough for a new bike. Of course, dad will likely have contracted all manners of horrible diseases from people who would actually pay $5 to be sucked off by a stroked out train wreck of a male, but that's ok because you'll have that PERFECT condition harley. By: Happy on: 6-13-2012

  3. loser By: Guest on: 6-21-2012

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