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Question Posted By: JRsporty85 on 8-26-2012

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Make of Bike: Harley
Model of Bike Dyna wide glide
Year of Bike 2002
Engine Size 88ci
Other info on Bike
What's your question? Need to know an estimate of how many miles I should get out of a tank
Details: I just got an 02 dyna wide glide and I noticed that after about 1/4 tank is used the gas gauge is pretty erratic depending on RPM. I went 130 miles yesterday and it read empty, when I put gas in it only took 2.7 gallons. It has a five gallon tank so I only used half but it read completely empty, if anyone has a similar scoot and can tell me how many miles I should be able to go I'd appreciate it.

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  1. who the fucks know By: Guest on: 8-27-2012

  2. 130 miles ÷ 2.7 gallons = 48 mpg.

    48 mpg X 4½ gallons = 216 miles (½ gallon reserve leaves you 25 miles to look for gas). Use the same formula for city driving, gas stations are closer together. Try not to run it out of gas, it fucks with the electric fuel pump. By: 47Knuckle-Dragger on: 8-27-2012

  3. I live in Idaho and Idaho state law requires all drviers to have Liability insurance. No bonds. That's the system I'm experienced with, so if your state government has some different law, sorry I didn't know about it. By: Guest on: 12-16-2012

  4. when I get a new bike I fill the tank, bungie a full gas can on the back, reset the trip odometer and ride it empty. Now I know how far that bike will go on a tank. By: Guest on: 4-3-2013

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