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Question Posted By: HD3006 on 11-1-2012

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Make of Bike: Harley
Model of Bike Sportster
Year of Bike 2001
Engine Size 1200
Other info on Bike stock
What's your question? Stalls at idle when warm. Vaccum leak?
Details: Accelerates fine. When the bike is moving it runs fine but when it is warm it will not idle it stalls.

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  1. yeah, sounds like an intake seal leak. could be a clogged intermediate jet, but more than likely an intake leak. change the intakes seals, they only cost about $5. By: Guest on: 11-1-2012

  2. Just trying to help here, Was idle mixture set while cold or hot? A rich condition could be fine while cold, but when hot, idle could stumble. Lean condition is usually the opposite, shitty cold and better while hot. I am not there so like I said, just trying to offer advice. By: WINK on: 11-1-2012

  3. 12 year old intake seals. I would change them first. By: Guest on: 11-1-2012

  4. Actually I have changed the intake seals but the screws are such a bitch to get to even with the tank and carb off that I'm wondering if I didn't get then tight enough. Thanx for the responses people. By: HD3006 on: 11-1-2012

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