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Question Posted By: capnbill on 12-26-2012

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Make of Bike: HD
Model of Bike FXSTC
Year of Bike 2007
Engine Size 96
Other info on Bike
What's your question? I've been reading about this automatic primary chain (adjuster) tensioner. It appears that it wants to ratchet too tight and cause a lot of problems. Anyone have any experience with this?
Details: Since it's ugly outside, I figured I'd take care of a few things with this bike so I can haul ass when the time comes! Respects

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  1. I have not seen any problems with it becoming over tight. Occasionally it will not tighten enough, and you will hear some clucking in the primary. The factory recommends that while riding, you accelerate, back off, then hit the throttle again. it causes the primary chain to tighten, slack off and re-tighten, allowing the adjuster to move up a notch. By: Guest on: 12-27-2012

  2. [SPAM] Edited by Knuckle-Dragger By: Guest on: 12-27-2012

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