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Question Posted By: gatordon on 12-27-2012

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Make of Bike: HD
Model of Bike FLHPI
Year of Bike 2000
Engine Size 88
Other info on Bike
What's your question? The throttle was sticking at the end of the ride from West Palm beach. I lubed/adjusted the throttle and idle cables and all seemed to be okay (yesterday). Today the throttle is sticking again (when set wide open it does not return).
Details: I suspect my adjustment procedure is not correct. Would appreciate a solid procedure for the cable adjustments - I have a bad FUBAR reflex and would like to do this correctly. I do have a shop manual - 200 miles away in west palm beach :-) with respect, gatordon

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  1. Back off on both cables. Adjust the "pull" cable so the throttle barrel hits the stop inside the switch housing at the same time the throttle plate hits the stop on the carb/induction module. then take up the slack on the "push" cable. I have found when a throttle doesn't close, either the throttle assembly is pushed too far on to the handlebar, and drags on the end of the handlebar, or there is not enough play on the "push" cable. By: Guest on: 12-28-2012

  2. Status 121228: I double checked the throttle assembly position on the handlebar and then adjusted the cables again. No sticking. Went out to 'testing' the throttle adjustment and all seems to be A-OK. Thanks. with respect, gatordon By: gatordon on: 12-28-2012

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