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Question Posted By: USMCLifer on 1-19-2007

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Make of Bike: HD
Model of Bike Dyna
Year of Bike 2006
Engine Size TC88
Other info on Bike Stock
What's your question? Issues with stock 6 spd trans
Details: Anyone having issues with the HD OEM 6 speed tranny? Anyone got over 40k on theirs w/o any problems?

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  1. 2006 model? Just curious, but what's the dealer say? By: FMF_Doc on: 1-20-2007

  2. Looking to purchase and wanted rider feedback. I placed description in title cause that's what I'm looking for. Interested in how these tranny's are holding up vice just replacing with a Jims or Baker. By: USMCLifer on: 1-22-2007

  3. Fith gear is noisy, sixth gear is only good on interstate, rpms are to low at 60. I have heard some people say they lock up, I only have about thirty thousand on mine. Flhtcui 2007 bought it in August Best bike for a "Fat Lazy Half Trained Creton Under the Influence" By: Mark_Goff on: 1-31-2007

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