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Last Time Online: 01/30/2016 at 10:01 PM
Sex: Male
Location: So Il
Age: 51 - January 1, 1965
Phone Number: --
Height: --
Weight 4660
Occupation: Yep... Occupated

What I Like:

Smooth road 'n sunny days. The sound of drag pipes in the distance on a summer evening. Rootbeer floats. Finicky felines 'n slobbery pooches.

What I Hate:

You know, everybody fucks up from time to time (myself DEFINITELY included).

I'll give a pass for a fuck up if it's legitimate, but I have no

tolerance for those who think their dick is the biggest in the

house, those who prey on bikers, vets and kids , and those who are quick to jump

to conclusions. Life is too short and fucked up for a lot of

drama. Respects.

About Me:

Been a fan of this site since Outsider ran the show. STILL the best

damn source of biker info out on the web (thanks,

Chopperguy and Thumperrr).


 Ridin' to support veterans causes and hurt and abused kids.
Commander: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1117; Chairman VFW Vander Clute Riders Group... Ride a '72 Shovel; '80 bob job, and an '82 bagger... Stuck in the past and that's OK by me! .... I'm not a "Harley guy".... I'm a "motorcycle" guy! =)

Maintain Squirts' Biker Page for shits 'n giggles. 

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Offline squirts - 12/12/2010 12:15 PM - wrote:

Snowed like a bitch last night... Time to mount the outboard skis to tha' bagger and have some fun! =)


Offline dlc - 7/9/2010 12:47 PM - wrote:

Hey Squirts,

Thanks for the friendship.



Offline squirts - 6/27/2010 10:12 AM - wrote:
Summer is rollin' along WAY too fuckin' fast for my taste... Soon 'nuff, Momma Nature is gonna' be on the rag again and the snow is gonna' fly. Until then, y'all ride it like ya' stole it and be safe out there. Friggin' gray hairs and texting teens are everywhere!

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