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1%er News:

Biker Gangs in Abilene, Not a Problem

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BY: Tim Johnston

Abilene, TX - Bobby Froman, a leader of a biker gang that supports the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, was convicted, today in Lubbock, for methamphetamine trafficking conspiracy. While the Bandidos are worldwide, they do have a local chapter, but the Abilene Police say those problems are a far cry from what happens here. "There's a motorcycle club in town by the name, Bandidos, they're probably tied to the Bandidos worldwide," says Lt. Gary Bone, "but here locally we haven't seen any issues with them."

As Kendall Green, a former Rebel Rider, with ties to the Abilene Bandidos, says those drug issues in other places will never be seen here. "The meth and stuff, it's not coming from the Bandidos in Abilene, and it never will."

Instead, Green says this club works in a different way, taking part in toy drives and helping at churches.

While Green has seen the bad side of biker gangs in his past, he gave that up for his daughter, who he says is his sole focus, now. Green says that many others are also changing their lives for the better, "Just because they ride together in a club, doesn't mean they're out to do rotten on you."

Although, there may be a local biker club supporting the red and gold, this club carries a message of hope and help to the Abilene community.


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Posted on 2/27/2010 9:14 AM | 1%er News
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Posted by REDWOLFtheCONCH on 2/27/2010 11:06 PM

Does this douche-bag REALLY think there MIGHT be 2 BANDIDOS MC's???!!! How do these fuckers get out of their cages???!!

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