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GoodCop, BadCop

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BY: Hammerin Hank

Albany, New York - Recently, during a DWI trial in Albany,NY, a police officer admitted in court that he may not have followed proper protocol in testing a defendant and the defendant may not have been as intoxicated as charged. As a result the defendants charges were dismissed. In my view, there should have been news coverage celebrating the HONESTY AND INTEGRITY of the police officer, which would have positively reflected on "the department"...but, instead, the case became a whisper because the officer made a procedural mistake, failed in his duty and the assumption is left in the public air that another guilty defendant walked. Ironically, the defendants arrest was blasted acrossed the news,but, only a whisper about the results of his innocense! In a perfect world "the majority" of police would honor truth & justice.

I have that view from experience - I spent many years in prison "set up" by police and with hundreds of others throughout the years who were also set up by police - who more often than not possess the attitude of bias and prejudice that even if one is innocent as charged it is politically correct to falsely claim and adjust evidence to prove otherwise,especially when that person is deemed by authorities as a "bad seed" in society. Having that power over the freedom and liberty of fellow citizens, to me, is alarming! Especially when that power is inspired by bias and discrimination against certain segments of society they do not agree with - such as the American Biker Culture. In that essence, "BadCop" isn't a person - it's a element of evil power that may be hidden within the practise of law enforcement that citizens must be aware of, be vigilant of and prepared to legally fight.

There's always good biker's in the crowd, there's always a good baker or candlestick maker, there's always good teacher's, always good postal worker's...and on and on we go... always a good coyote, always a good bear, always a good mountain lion,elephant or dentist. But, it is not the same when it comes to police. They are a seperate entity in our multi-cultured community - as well as in the govern-mental web of things - who take on the position BY OATH of "enforcing" FOR whatever group is in charge UNDER the guise of "for the public good"...They are not the same as a coyote, bear,baker or candle stick maker. Police represent the government for the good of the people(?)...We can tell a candle stick maker to shove his candle sticks up his ass if we dont like his candles but can't tell a cop simular when their character, attitude, misconceptions and service suck! That's part of the difference...the seperation between themselves and the inner workings of society. Now, a teacher,biker, postal worker, mountain lion and elephant all have a degree of morals and principles in their social transactions. Most of us have seen Discovery and Wild Kingdom. They all live by nature. There's no "blue line" that hides the elements of its true nature. I mean, its one thing if you are a private group, self most clubs, assoc. or groups are. But when you thrive on the taxes of the community - That means SOCIETY PAYS FOR YOU AND SO YOU MUST SERVE THE CITIZEN'S INTERESTS FIRST AND FOREMOST a dream world...You are obligated to maintain your morals and principles on a level that protects the rights of everyone - WITHOUT BIAS OR PREJUDICE! You have the obligation to reject the "blue line" and no longer turn a blinds eye to any injustice you may representatives of the people...The demand for your perfection is never ending. I remember many years ago in Schenectady,NY when I was in a bar with a cool chick sippin tequila on a hot summer day...Suddenly I was surrounded by a number of off duty cops who claimed to know of me and annoyed that they could not catch me in alleged crimes of robbery and cons, threatened to "trump sumthin up" on me right there and then if I didn't leave the bar AND CITY immediately. I took a long, hard movie-like gaze at each and every one of them acting as if they were in a gunsmoke scenario...they were serious! Ready to do harm with guns and violence! I took my lady out of the place and we had maddd sex all afternoon. Weeks later they set up my partner who is still in prison today, and several of those same officers were sent to prison themselves for crimes years later! I remember going to a party where I witnessed an ADA and others in police type positions snorting coke and smoking urb. Did I get excited that now I have these crooked people in my pocket? Did I believe that now they are good? OF COURSE NOT! I was disgusted! Especially when one of them stood in court the very next day demanding the judge remand without bail a defendant charged with coke sales! I couldn't believe it and publically approached him,threatening him to change his position or I would bring the truth to the media! It was like they were eliminating competitors. I also remember when I was in my late teens, standing behind a tree seeming to stare at this house 10 yards from me, with what appeared to be a gun in my hand. The Yorkville,NY policer officer, Ross, was yelling to me to DROP THE GUN, his own service revolver aimed at my back about 200 feet behind me...crouched and READY to shoot...He had no reason NOT TO...Especially when it was real windy out, I didnt hear what he said and quickly turned around to face the noise behind me...WOULD I DIE NOW? Morals and principles that guy showed! Once he got in "position", the drill in formation...he had to step out of it all and make split second decisions based on level of threat, morals and principles...He did not shoot! Claimed if someone came out of the house he would have had to shoot me...I am lucky, you could say. Still, because of his allegiances, especially in "trying times of life" (government sucks, system sucks, everything sucks!) - we are normally seperate. I am not in his group. We have different interests and ambitions. He did a damn good job that day in NOT SHOOTING "Hammerin Hank". Hopefully he set a good example for others in his group...At the end of the day its like the cartoon with the Sheepdog and the coyote stealing the sheep. It starts with them "punching in" all friendly like in the beginning and then at the end of the show they punch out with the coyote looking all broke up and bandaged... Now, if the coyote said THERE ARE good sheepdogs out there...well, that, to me,is like someone running up to you when you fall and gouge flesh and blood from your knee askin' "you alright?" One good one doesnt much matter in the struggle to heal maintain biker rights,liberty and freedom. The majority ALWAYS RULES...NOT the one good one. {Hank McGrath is Exec. Director of B.A.D. and host of the NY "Spirit of Bikers" radio show.}


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Posted on 1/25/2012 12:23 AM | Editorials

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