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- thanks fossil. yeah i ordered the ss for my pan an i called ss they said if its hot i should kick through 2x and then pull my enricher works ok somtimes . ive always kick through 2x before i turn ign, on always that old long intake takes alot of juice to get er done .i think its a combo of too rich and too long of an itake , i can fix the one but other than makin a intake that goes to the left an figurin how to not mount thecarb upsidedown i guess i will have to put up with the cantakerous old girl.. they were always kinda persnikity to start any way. the e i have on my 85 sporty works great that thang will rip yer arms outa the sockets.. turtell

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Posted on 6/25/2007 12:21 AM | Tech Tips

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