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General Announcements:


Fixed PM and more news
Just fixed up the PM's so if some old ones were restored, and some that were unread (because the application didn't see them) are now showing. Also, they are sorted, read at the top, unread below. Now, if the site gets hacked, and looks "All Messed up" you can hit the "Fix Site" link in the top menu and hopefully that will "Un-Fuck" the site. Also, the image problems should be fixed! let me know as you run into problems and I'll work on them! ...    Continue

    Posted on 09/27/08 | General Announcements
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Site should be good to go! PLEASE READ!
Ok, seems that I have stopped the hacking! After about 72 straight hours, with a few hours rest inbetween, and the help of another Guru, I think I have it protected now! It has cost me a fortune to...    Continue

    Posted on 09/15/08 | General Announcements
9 comments | printer friendly page


I know I've said it before....
I know I've been saying it, but hopefully the site is good to go now... i'm working my ass off to get things right! Thanks to all who have stuck around in the time of trouble! True supporters do th...    Continue

    Posted on 09/15/08 | General Announcements
8 comments | printer friendly page


Original message Board is good to go!
Hopefully I have unfucked the Original Message Board! New posts should show up just fine now!...    Continue

    Posted on 09/12/08 | General Announcements
comment? | printer friendly page


State of the Site
So, things have been chugging along here nively for a bit. trying to make things better around here has seemed to have pissed off the natives. Well, you know, the dedicated and the honorable are s...    Continue

    Posted on 09/11/08 | General Announcements
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Fucking Hackers
Ok, I've been killing myself to keep the site up. Hopefully it'll be goo now. I've narrowed it down to a few IP addresses... I hope I find you fucker! Hopefully your fucking fingers will fall off befo...    Continue

    Posted on 08/10/08 | General Announcements
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Making it better?
Ok, after taking the time to make security "Better" I seemed to have fucked up the logins. they should be fixed now. if anyone is having trouble logging in, email me! ...    Continue

    Posted on 06/02/08 | General Announcements
2 comments | printer friendly page


Sorry for the inconvience. Seems I fucked it up a bit trying to make it better. I'm working on making a "Viewable by Friends only" option, but you'll have to be patient on that one....    Continue

    Posted on 05/28/08 | General Announcements
1 comment | printer friendly page


An Outlaw, Loved, Gone But Not Forgotten
Florida - Although he wasn't a 1%er, he's an Outlaw none the less. With great sadness, The Outlaws and Outlaw Biker World must announce the passing of our friend, Hughie Thomasson. Hughie died unexpe...    Continue

    Posted on 09/15/07 | General Announcements
7 comments | printer friendly page


Your own Free Web BLOG
It's HERE AGAIN!...    Continue

    Posted on 03/22/07 | General Announcements
2 comments | printer friendly page

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