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Cops Beat Up Bronx Teen Who Noted Scent Of Dog Poop In Their Presence - Blue gang
Strolling through the Bronx late one night in 2011, 17-year-old Tyre Davis remarked to his friend that the immediate vicinity smelled like dog feces. A moment later, Officer Joseph Murphy and Office Jose Ocasio arrested him for disorderly conduct. When Davis was released, the officers took him to an alley and pummeled him in the face and body. Davis later told the Daily News, "I thought I was going to die." Yesterday, a judge convicted both police officers of misdemeanor assault. The Times reports that Judge Julio Rodriguez III weighed evidence that included surveillance footage of the two officers "punching and kicking the teenager." Ocasio, 31, and Murphy, 29, were also convicted of harassment, which is a violation. As for their punishment, Bronx DA Robert Johnson said he will a...    Continue

    Posted on 09/16/14 | CGB
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FBI to investigate Independence police after teen hit with stun gun is hospitalized - Blue gang
The FBI said Monday it had launched an investigation into an incident that left a 17-year-old hospitalized after he was subdued by an Independence police officer with a stun gun. Independence polic...    Continue

    Posted on 09/16/14 | CGB
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SIU launches criminal sex assault investigation into Hamilton officer
Ontario's police watchdog is conducting a criminal sexual assault investigation into a Hamilton police officer who has already admitted to having inappropriate sexual relationships with women with tie...    Continue

    Posted on 09/16/14 | CGB
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Officer to face judge over sexual assault charges - Blue gang
BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The preliminary hearing for an Emmett Township officer accused of sexually assaulting his teenage relative is expected to continue Monday afternoon. 45-year-ol...    Continue

    Posted on 09/09/14 | CGB
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Sheriff's officer suspended after Taser incident - Blue gang
Sheriff's sergeant taken off duty as video shows teen kneeling, hands up. An Albany County sheriff's sergeant who fatally shot an undocumented Mexican immigrant four years ago was suspended on Wedn...    Continue

    Posted on 08/21/14 | CGB
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Henrico sheriff's deputy facing charges of sex with inmate - Blue gang
A Henrico County Sheriff's deputy is in jail this morning, arrested for allegedly having carnal knowledge of an inmate. Court and jail records show that True-Asia Daniels, 31, is facing a felon...    Continue

    Posted on 08/06/14 | CGB
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Reserve Pine Lawn officer charged with raping Lindenwood University student
ST. CHARLES • A reserve Pine Lawn police officer has been charged with raping his former girlfriend at an apartment in St. Charles in May. Rico L. Frazier, 23, of the 5900 block of San Simeon Drive...    Continue

    Posted on 07/31/14 | CGB
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6 Philly officers charged in corruption case
Six Philadelphia narcotics officers were arrested and charged by federal authorities for allegedly running a long-term operation in which they stole money, property and drugs from suspected narcotics ...    Continue

    Posted on 07/30/14 | CGB
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Connecticut trooper pleads guilty to stealing dying motorcycle crash victim’s jewelry, money - Blue gang
State trooper AJ Huntsman was accused of lifting more than $8,000 in cash and jewelry from a dying man at a motorcycle crash site in 2012. He later lied to supervisors and the dead man's family about ...    Continue

    Posted on 07/17/14 | CGB
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Thomas White Is Still Free
"Justice delayed," the 19th Century British Prime Minister William Gladstone once remarked, "is justice denied." Most people interpret Gladstone's remark to mean that he thought ju...    Continue

    Posted on 07/15/14 | CGB
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