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Cop Acquitted for Drug Dealing, Rehired and then Fired Again for Failing Drug Test - Blue gang

Philadelphia, PA - Perry Betts, one of the most corrupt narcotics officers in the history of the Philadelphia Police Department, has been fired, again, for failing a drug test.

Bett's situation is especially interesting because he was just recently rehired by the police department. His rehiring came after he was acquitted in a federal corruption case, in which he was accused of 47 different charges including extortion, robbery, kidnapping, and drug dealing.

He was acquitted of all of those charges along with six co-defendants who were also Philadelphia Police Officers implicated in th...    Continue

    Posted on 08/08/15 | CGB
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Former Fullerton cop acquitted in Kelly Thomas trial arrested for domestic violence - Blue gang

A former Fullerton police officer acquitted in the beating trial of Kelly Thomas has once again found himself on the wrong side of the l...    Continue

    Posted on 08/08/15 | CGB
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Cop Decapitates Army Vet With Cruiser on the Way to a Call, Doesn’t Render Aid, Speeds Off - Blue gang

Tampa, FL — Bill McIntyre was a hard-working retired Army veteran who built fences for living. Because of the negligent actions of a Tampa cop, this 60-...    Continue

    Posted on 07/11/15 | CGB
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NYPD officer again busted on drug charges after motorcycle crash - Blue gang

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Call her "Little Miss Busted."

A twice-arrested NYPD officer who sources say wears a motorcycle helmet marked "Little Miss Dangerous" has be...    Continue

    Posted on 07/01/15 | CGB
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Video: Cop Previously Fired For Excessive Force Beats Suspect With Shotgun - Blue gang

A cop in Owasso Oklahoma has been caught on camera using excessive force against a suspect after previously being fired for stomping on a handcuffed man’s head and th...    Continue

    Posted on 06/22/15 | CGB
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Salt Lake City police chief resigns over sexual harassment issue

Longtime Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank resigned Thursday after clashing with the mayor over Burbank's handling of a sex...    Continue

    Posted on 06/12/15 | CGB
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Egan: Bogus police motorcycle escort sparks real crash - Blue gang

We heard this week about the Ottawa police sergeant who wrongly used the force’s motorcycle unit to escort a scenic ride for his off-duty biker club.

Sgt. S...    Continue

    Posted on 05/28/15 | CGB
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Virginia Cop Resigns After Tasering and Pepper Spraying Man Having Medical Emergency - Blue gang
A Virginia cop who tasered a man sitting in the driver's seat of his car, following it with a ten-second blast of pepper spray into the man's face, was forced to resign last week after his chief said ...    Continue

    Posted on 05/25/15 | CGB
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Former Mass. police officer convicted in sex assault case - Blue gang
BRENTWOOD - A jury convicted a former Lawrence, Mass., police officer of sexually assaulting a young girl in Salem during the mid 1990s, prosecutors said. Carlos Gonzalez, 51, was found guilty on t...    Continue

    Posted on 05/15/15 | CGB
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Former Los Angeles sheriff's officials charged in jail probe - Blue gang
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The case of the vanishing inmate at the Los Angeles County jail nearly went all the way to the top. The former second-in-command of the nation's largest sheriff's department and ...    Continue

    Posted on 05/15/15 | CGB
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