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Senior Townsville police officer accused of stealing $28,000 from charity - Blue gang
AN INVESTIGATION is under way into a senior Townsville police officer accused of stealing $28,000 from a children's charity. It is alleged the officer used the charity's money on hotel stays, poker machines and servicing his own boat. The matter has been referred to the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) following an initial investigation earlier this year. A police spokesman said the internal investigation in to the senior police officer was carried out after the Ethical Standards Command received anonymous information in April. "The matter was required to be reviewed by the CCC before any action is to be taken against any member," the spokesman said. Earlier this year, it was revealed the senior officer was under investigation after allegedly using Variety fu...    Continue

    Posted on 10/31/14 | CGB
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Mandurah detectives charge senior police officer - Blue gang
A senior constable will appear in Rockingham Magistrates Court today, charged with two counts of stealing. The 44-year-old East Metropolitan officer was charged by Mandurah detectives on Monday aft...    Continue

    Posted on 10/31/14 | CGB
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VIDEO: US Marshal Busted After Stealing 24 Pounds of Marijuana at Gunpoint - Blue gang
Clorenzo Mack Griffin, a US marshal from Miami, was arrested last weekend for allegedly participating in an armed robbery of 24 pounds of marijuana. The bust occurred in Yuba City, California, a lo...    Continue

    Posted on 10/18/14 | CGB
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Former Trooper Sentenced For Stealing Cash, Gold Chain From Fatal Motorcycle Crash - Blue gang
BRIDGEPORT - A former state police trooper faces a year in prison for stealing a gold chain and $3,7000 in cash from the victim in a fatal motorcycle accident in Fairfield, the court clerk's office sa...    Continue

    Posted on 10/10/14 | CGB
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No charges against SWAT officers who maimed toddler during raid - Blue gang
Georgia law enforcement officers responsible for a bungled SWAT raid that left a toddler burned and disfigured will not face criminal charges, a grand jury has decided. The case is now being reviewed ...    Continue

    Posted on 10/08/14 | CGB
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Police shoot, kill Georgia grandfather during no-knock drug raid - Blue gang
~A man is shot dead thinking he was confronting burglars, just 2 nights after his home had been robbed.~ EAST DUBLIN, GA - A drug task force gunned down a grandfather in his home during a botched l...    Continue

    Posted on 10/08/14 | CGB
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Ex-Arcadia officer gets jail for embezzling to buy motorcycle parts, cigars - Blue gang
A former Arcadia police officer who stole nearly $42,000 from a police association to buy item including cigars, clothing and motorcycle parts was sentenced Tuesday to 180 days in jail. Christian E...    Continue

    Posted on 10/01/14 | CGB
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Disgraced Hamilton police sergeant resigns
Nearly two years after he was suspended amid an investigation into inappropriate sexual relationships with women connected to his cases, Hamilton police Sergeant Derek Mellor has resigned. It will ...    Continue

    Posted on 09/29/14 | CGB
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SC trooper charged with felony in shooting(video) - Blue gang
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - An unarmed man shot by a South Carolina trooper during a traffic stop repeated one question through his anguished cries as he lay wounded, waiting for an ambulance: "Why did you ...    Continue

    Posted on 09/25/14 | CGB
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Cop's Tip For Not Getting Raped By A Cop: 'Don't Get Pulled Over' (vid) - Blue gang
In response to the arrests of three law enforcement officials in Oklahoma for sexually assaulting women while on the job, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper told women they can avoid getting raped by ...    Continue

    Posted on 09/24/14 | CGB
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