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Motorcyclist accused of firing at vehicle on Highway 41 near Miller Park - Sin City Deciples MC
A felon on a motorcycle fired at least one gunshot at a car on southbound Highway 41 near Vliet St. early Monday in what Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. described as a road rage incident. The interaction between the car's driver and the motorcyclist began as they took the Lisbon Ave. ramp onto Highway 41 about 7:30 a.m. Monday, authorities said. "Apparently there was some disagreement as to who was going to be able to get on the freeway first," Clarke said. Witness said the motorcyclist quickly accelerated behind the car before pulling along side it, drawing a gun and firing at least one shot that passed through both the passenger and driver windows of the car, "right in front of the victim's head," the sheriff said. The motorcyclist - identified by deputies as Jam...    Continue

    Posted on 08/19/14 | 1%er News
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Bandidos' boss arrrested after alleged bashing - Bandidos MC
The national sergeant-at-arms of the Bandidos motorcycle club has been arrested after a Brisbane strip club bouncer was allegedly bashed and a female worker was spat on. Police allege the sergeant-...    Continue

    Posted on 08/18/14 | 1%er News
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Brothers flee gang threat
Housemates of slain Connor Morris hiding in fear since his violent death. Two brothers who lived at the West Auckland home outside where Connor Morris was killed have gone into hiding amid fear...    Continue

    Posted on 08/16/14 | 1%er News
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Accused in Red Devil biker’s death appears in court - Red Devils MC
David Bobor made a brief appearance in a Hamilton courtroom Friday. The 45-year-old is accused of driving a tractor that was involved in a crash with a motorcycle shortly before 3 a.m. Aug. 9 and ...    Continue

    Posted on 08/16/14 | 1%er News
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Attorney for Hells Angels members says "Operation Red Harvest" charges dismissed - Hells Angels MC
Attorney John Hilliard, who represents 17 of the people charged in connection with Operation Red Harvest in 2012, says 107 of the charges against them have been dismissed. Operation Red Harvest...    Continue

    Posted on 08/16/14 | 1%er News
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Rebels charged over hidden caches of guns and ammo - Rebels MC
POLICE say four members of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang have been arrested on the Sunshine Coast after raids uncovered guns, including a semi-automatic AK47 replica. Detectives from the Sunsh...    Continue

    Posted on 08/15/14 | 1%er News
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Finks bikies to face court over Ballarat nightclub raid - Finks MC
SIX men believed to be members of the outlaw Finks motorcycle club will face charges in the County Court following an alleged robbery in which they raided a Ballarat nightclub in June. The men, th...    Continue

    Posted on 08/15/14 | 1%er News
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Stabbing charges moved to Mudgee Court - Life and Death MC
CHARGES against an alleged outlaw motorcycle gang member have been transferred to Mudgee Local Court. Michael Lentini is accused of being involved in a hotel stabbing at Mendooran on September 7 la...    Continue

    Posted on 08/15/14 | 1%er News
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Knoxville Outlaws Serve DA - Outlaws MC
A Tennessee lawyer named John P. Cauley, acting on behalf of the American Outlaw Association of Knoxville, served the Knox County District Attorney yesterday with a legal petition demanding the return...    Continue

    Posted on 08/14/14 | 1%er News
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OPP monitors as hundreds turn out for funeral of Red Devil rider - Red Devils MC
Biker enforcement police were watching Wednesday as hundreds of bikers, including Hells Angels, came to pay final respects to Red Devil motorcycle club member Steve Marcotte. The Ontario Provincial...    Continue

    Posted on 08/13/14 | 1%er News
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