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General News:


Motorcycle bill faces steep climb in S.C.
'Who in their right mind would take a 1 or 2-year-old on a motorcycle ... ?' COLUMBIA - A bill that would require babies and small children to be secured to a motorcycle with seat belts is meeting fierce resistance weeks before the S.C. General Assembly convenes next month. Last week Rep. Joseph Daning, a Berkeley County Republican, filed legislation that would require a standard, rear-facing child safety seat to be used for motorcycle passengers from birth up to 1 year of age. For riders younger than 7 weighing 40-80 pounds, Daning's proposal calls for a belt-positioning booster seat with both lap and shoulder belts. The bill, H. 3040, follows previous attempts to address motorcycle safety. Daning said a few years ago, constituents called him seeking help. "They w...    Continue

    Posted on 12/18/14 | General News
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Suspect in Georgetown homicide facing potential third strike
A SeaTac man who was charged last week with second-degree murder is facing a possible life sentence if convicted of his third-strike offense following a fatal shooting outside a Georgetown motorcycle ...    Continue

    Posted on 12/15/14 | General News
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Iron Order Motorcycle Club members accused of swinging paddle, causing injuries
A woman has filed suit against the motorcycle club that she was patronizing when members of the club allegedly swung a paddle at her, causing her injuries. Dawn N. Voss alleges she was participatin...    Continue

    Posted on 12/15/14 | General News
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‘Beef’ between two rival motorcycle gangs leads to bar stabbing, police say
The motorcycle gangs the "Whatever Riders" and the "Wicked Riders" just can't put what one bar owner calls "beef from a party two weeks ago" to rest, according to a polic...    Continue

    Posted on 12/15/14 | General News
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Deadly Shooting Reported at Fort Worth Bar(video)
One man has died and two others are injured after a shooting Friday evening at a bar in Fort Worth. The shooting was reported at about 9:20 p.m. at Gator's Bar in the 2700 block of Race Street. ...    Continue

    Posted on 12/13/14 | General News
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Suspect arrested in fatal shooting at Seattle motorcycle club - (Magic Wheels)
SEATTLE - Seattle police homicide detectives arrested a man in connection with a weekend shooting at a Georgetown motorcycle club, which left one man dead and another critically wounded. Police...    Continue

    Posted on 12/13/14 | General News
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12th suspect arrested in biker club stabbing incident
ST. GEORGE – A St. George man was arrested Thursday afternoon for his alleged role in a brawl in August involving two motorcycle clubs that resulted in a stabbing. He is one of 12 people arrested in c...    Continue

    Posted on 12/12/14 | General News
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Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club sued on allegations of bylaw violations
STURGIS - The Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club, which established the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 1938, is being sued by a club member who alleges club officers and directors performed official busine...    Continue

    Posted on 12/11/14 | General News
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Motorcycle gang 'member' caught with illegal gun after Jersey City brawl: police
An alleged motorcycle gang member suspected to be involved in a Jersey City street fight that resulted in a stabbing was arrested after police caught him with a loaded handgun, authorities say. Vic...    Continue

    Posted on 12/10/14 | General News
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Charges against alleged motorcycle club members describe riot anarchy in St. George
At least a dozen alleged members of two St. George motorcycle clubs have been accused of felony riot in connection to a stabbing this summer at a bar. In charges filed Tuesday, investigators wrote ...    Continue

    Posted on 12/10/14 | General News
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