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General News:


Man charged after fight in Beaufort linked to motorcycle club
A Yemassee man arrested for assault and battery after a fight last week in Beaufort said he beat up a man because his motorcycle club vice president told him to "handle it personally," according to a Beaufort Police Department report. James Brantley Parks, 23, was arrested Tuesday and charged with first- and third-degree assault and battery. He was released on bond Wednesday morning. According to the police report, two men were injured in the fight. No other arrests are pending, Cpl. Hope Able said Thursday morning. All names except Parks' were redacted from the incident report provided by the Beaufort Police Department. Able said one of the witnesses had expressed concern about safety and the names were being withheld. According to the report, the victims stopped at Cry Babie...    Continue

    Posted on 04/09/15 | General News
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Motorcycle dragged more than a mile after crash, truck catches fire
MONTCALM COUNTY, MI -- A 43-year-old Stanwood man is jailed Tuesday morning after allegedly driving drunk in a pickup truck and striking a motorcyclist, then dragging the motorcycle some distance befo...    Continue

    Posted on 04/07/15 | General News
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Motorcyclists Injured in 'Globe of Death' Circus Performance in Washington(vid)
Two motorcyclists were injured when they and a third rider collided during a circus stunt inside in a steel sphere called the Globe of Death at the Washington state fairgrounds, authorities said Sunda...    Continue

    Posted on 04/06/15 | General News
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NYPD cop charged in biker gang assault appeals to science in defense - Blue gang
Biker cop Wojciech Braszczok could not have done real damage to the back window of a Tribeca dad's SUV during a frenzied gang attack on the motorist in 2013, according to an engineering study his de...    Continue

    Posted on 04/06/15 | General News
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Lucifer's Sword MC Graphic Novel Review
Poignant and powerful, graphic novels have proven to be a highly successful medium. Many graphic novels become movies, a list that includes The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, 300, Sin City, and a long list...    Continue

    Posted on 04/03/15 | General News
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On Two Wheels: Indian Motorcycle of Springfield hosts factory display event
Well, it looks as though we can finally start to get the 2015 motorcycle season going after what can best be described as the winter from hell. Bikes are starting to emerge slowly, and I would say it ...    Continue

    Posted on 04/02/15 | General News
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Bikers upset with Scottsdale police after yesterday's fatal motorcycle crash(vid)
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Two motorcyclists were killed during a charity ride through Scottsdale yesterday. Police are pinning the blame on the bikers, saying they ran a red light, but other participants...    Continue

    Posted on 03/30/15 | General News
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Driver wounded in apparent road rage attack
Police say man on motorcycle fired at shooting victim
SAN ANTONIO - An apparent road rage incident left one man wounded and police searching for the motorcycle riding shooter. That shooting ...    Continue

    Posted on 03/28/15 | General News
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Filibuster kills bill to repeal Nebraska's motorcycle helmet law
LINCOLN - Nebraska's mandatory helmet law has survived another repeal effort. Supporters of the helmet law effectively filibustered a repeal bill Monday. Backers of Legislative Bill 31, which wo...    Continue

    Posted on 03/24/15 | General News
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Motorcycle club and owner deny liability in personal injury complaint
Iron Order Motorcycle Club and its owner deny the allegations in a complaint alleging a woman was injured when several club members swung a paddle at her. In her Nov. 26 complaint, Dawn N. Voss all...    Continue

    Posted on 03/23/15 | General News
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