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General News:


Man wanted in biker club assault
A Slippery Rock Township man is wanted for allegedly beating up a man with help from a motorcycle gang. Shenango Township police have charged 35-year-old Matthew Ross Hinkle in connection with the alleged assault, which police say occurred around midnight Feb. 8 outside of Six Packs Bar and Grill at 3708 Ellwood Road. The man was treated at the Ellwood City hospital for his injuries. Hospital personnel called 911 to alert the police about the incident, according to police reports. The victim told police Hinkle struck him with a beer bottle outside the tavern, breaking two of his teeth. He told police that he and a friend had gone to the bar on Feb. 7 and upon entering they saw about 10 people whom they recognized as members of a motorcycle group called the Boneheads. He sai...    Continue

    Posted on 02/18/15 | General News
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Police targeting of motorcyclists focus of California bill
All they want is to drive California's roads without the police harassing them for how they look. Bikers have rights, too. Citing anecdotal evidence that California motorcyclists tend to get pul...    Continue

    Posted on 02/17/15 | General News
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Large motorcycle pack scares drivers in Galveston
GALVESTON - Police said a large pack of motorcycle riders put the public at risk in Galveston Sunday afternoon. The Galveston Police Department said it received several calls around 2:30 p.m. re...    Continue

    Posted on 02/16/15 | General News
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Member of motorcycle gang who treated Birmingham like a "race track" is caged
19-year-old sent to Young Offenders Institution after police helicopter tracked motorcycle gang

A member of a motorcycle gang who put others at risk by treating Birmingham "as a kind o...    Continue

    Posted on 02/13/15 | General News
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Motorcycle Club Shooting Victim Arrested
JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) -- One of the two men involved in a shooting at a Junction City Motorcycle Club is now behind bars. Jackie Oliver was arrested on an Aggravated Battery charge, the Junction ...    Continue

    Posted on 02/11/15 | General News
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Grandmother celebrates 90th birthday with Harley Davidson ride(video)
Mrs. Walker celebrated her 90th birthday by taking a ride on her grandson's Harley Davidson motorcycle. "He used to tease me my grandson he said grandma I'm going to carry around on the motorcycle,...    Continue

    Posted on 02/11/15 | General News
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Nebraska Senator tries again to repeal motorcycle helmet law
One local motorcycle enthusiast says it's all about the freedom of choice

Lawmakers heard public testimony yesterday on the proposal to repeal Nebraska's 1989 helmet law. Senator Dave Bloo...    Continue

    Posted on 02/10/15 | General News
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Bill would end helmet law for adult motorcycle riders
OLYMPIA, Wash. - Motorcycle riders over 18 in Washington would no longer be forced to wear helmets if a state Senate bill becomes law. Washington is one of 19 states that requires all riders to...    Continue

    Posted on 02/09/15 | General News
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Motorcyclists try to set Guinness record in Guatemala
Thousands of motorcyclists took part in a rally in Guatemala in an attempt to set a Guinness record for the largest motorcycle caravan. The traditional Caravana del Zorro was held on Saturday ...    Continue

    Posted on 02/08/15 | General News
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1 dead after shooting targeting motorcycle group in Phoenix
PHOENIX (AP) - Phoenix police say someone shot at a group of motorcycle riders, killing one and seriously injuring another. Police spokesman James Holmes says the shooting occurred shortly before 1...    Continue

    Posted on 02/08/15 | General News
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