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Tech Tips:


I have heard (and can tell)that there is a formula/ratio when lowering a stock bike. I have heard several, the more frequent is ...for every 1" in the back, lower the front 3/4". Can someone confirm or correct this for an 02 FXDX....    Continue

    Posted on 03/04/13 | Tech Tips
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New York Defensive Driving
Introducing I DRIVE SAFELY's New York state-approved Defensive Driving Course that is 100% online! Now, New York Drivers never have to attend a class, pass New York Defensive Driving Point and Insuran...    Continue

    Posted on 05/26/09 | Tech Tips
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02 flht
pa. phila - I went to tighten adjustment on clutch cable and broke the threads on the larger part of the assembly- do I need a new cable or just the part with the broken threads?Its an 02 flht-thanks...    Continue

    Posted on 08/30/07 | Tech Tips
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How to check Harley Delphi System
- 1. Remove right side saddlebag and side cover if so equipped. Remove protective plug from data link connector. 2. To activate the diagnostic feature, proceed as follows: a. Create diagnosti...    Continue

    Posted on 07/24/07 | Tech Tips
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Fuel shutoff
Riding tips - Some HD models have the old style manual fuel shutoff. A few models w/fat bob tanks have the shutoff to the rear (near the seat) of left tank. Unforetunately, the coil w/twin plug leads ...    Continue

    Posted on 06/26/07 | Tech Tips
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- thanks fossil. yeah i ordered the ss for my pan an i called ss they said if its hot i should kick through 2x and then pull my enricher works ok somtimes . ive always kick through 2x before i turn i...    Continue

    Posted on 06/25/07 | Tech Tips
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ss-e v linkert
U.S.A. - any way to get a brand new ss carb to work as reliable as my old linkert. cold start ss 2 threw kcks 1 on kick she fires drive 3 miles to gas er up i have to wait about 30 min to kick er to s...    Continue

    Posted on 06/16/07 | Tech Tips
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Leaky Base Seal
- I have a small leak forming at my base seal, just above my primary on a 2004 1200 Custom HD , I believe it to be a bad gasket, does this sound correct or could it be another issue I am not seeing?...    Continue

    Posted on 05/05/07 | Tech Tips
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I am looking for brake and cluch levers that look like skeleton fingers can anyone tell me where i can find something like this. Thanks...    Continue

    Posted on 01/10/07 | Tech Tips
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To Extend The Waranty or Not To Extend The Warraty
For the person asking about whether to buy the HD Extended Warranty. I would say yes if you have a Twin Cam motor. There is a problem with the Cam Chain Tensioner Shoes going out at about 20 - 25k mil...    Continue

    Posted on 12/12/06 | Tech Tips
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