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2007 Problems and Recall! 2007harleydavidsonroadking13.htm Check this out before you buy the new 2007 Harleys. I have spent over 1500.oo myself to get this worked out. The best part was to get a Harley Race Tuner and then some Screaming Eagles slip-on Mufflers 05-06 and have it remaped. Then a stage one kit. They still have a problem with Heat off the motor but I bought some Heat Shields from and they did the trick. You can get the ones without police on them folks. Now I don't have to stand up in Heavy Traffic. Harley is doing a Ecm Calibaration upgrade(product program 0903) but it still doesn't help the heat. Hope this helps!...    Continue

    Posted on 11/25/06 | Tech Tips
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2005 FLHTI
I am debating on whether to buy the extended warranty on my 2005 FLHTI. Has anyone had any problems with their 2005-2004 models that I should be concerned about?...    Continue

    Posted on 11/19/06 | Tech Tips
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Goodson air cleaner late
I'm new to OBW and I saw the old post about the Goodson aircleaner backing pate. I don't think anyone answered the question so I'll do my best. Dennis Goodson makes backing plates for most carbs. If y...    Continue

    Posted on 10/20/06 | Tech Tips
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supertrap pipes on FLSTC
I have a FLSTCI (2003) and ordered some 2 into 1 supertrap pipes for it. When they arrived I took them to my local stealer to install (since I also needed a dyno for the new pipes). The stealer mech...    Continue

    Posted on 09/12/06 | Tech Tips
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Help With pipes
need to know anything about changing my stockies to rinehart, what is it going to do to the warenty and what about the cops? then help me find someone to install them because I have not been able to ...    Continue

    Posted on 09/09/06 | Tech Tips
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Goodson Air Cleaner
Does anyone know how to install a Goodson Air cleaner cover on a '02 CV carb? Do you need to modify the backing plate for the carb or the barrels on the long bolts from the stock install? Also what do...    Continue

    Posted on 08/17/06 | Tech Tips
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curb idle (1 more time)
I'm no cert. wrench but i work on mine, and the only thing i know for sure about turning the idle up a hair, i learned last week at MVD. Idle at 800 = failed emissions Idle at 1050 = passed emission...    Continue

    Posted on 08/16/06 | Tech Tips
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2004 883 custom
hi folks hope someone can heip me out looking to put raked wide glide triple trees on to my bike and put 16" wheel up front can anyone tell me if i go 6 degree rake how much over on the length of fork...    Continue

    Posted on 07/30/06 | Tech Tips
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low curb idle
i just wanted to weigh in on the curb idle tip, first how low of an idle are we talking about? any lower than 450 or 500 the engine is gonna stall anyhow. the oil pressure comment is simply not true. ...    Continue

    Posted on 07/11/06 | Tech Tips
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Road Tools:
Basically, you only need two tools: WD40 and DUCT-TAPE. If it doesn't move and should...WD40. If it moves and shouldn't...DUCT-TAPE....    Continue

    Posted on 06/25/06 | Tech Tips
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