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Why you should look into motorcycle ownership
When the weather is perfect, the sky is blue and the roads are clear, little can compare to the experience of guiding your motorbike through glorious countryside. It is not hard to savour such moments, but the test of a real enthusiast comes when the weather is not so kind. When it is raining, cold or even too hot in your leathers, this is when your mettle is truly tested as a motorbike rider. Do you rise to the challenge and enjoy a test of your driving skills? This is why motorbikes are popular with some people; their ability to turn every journey into an active challenge and make even a humdrum journey a fun experience. Motorcycle owners often have a keen sense of pride in their machines. Far more than the middle-of-the-road car owner. Owning a motorcycle is about joining an exclusi...    Continue

    Posted on 01/26/12 | Editorials
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GoodCop, BadCop - B.A.D.
Recently, during a DWI trial in Albany,NY, a police officer admitted in court that he may not have followed proper protocol in testing a defendant and the defendant may not have been as intoxicated as...    Continue

    Posted on 01/25/12 | Editorials
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Harley Davidson was Stephen Soltis's 1st love
Stephen Soltis, who turned 100 last week, is only a few years younger than Harley Davidson, the only make of motorcycle he would ever ride. Both have aged well, don't you think? The Baden man was ...    Continue

    Posted on 01/24/12 | Editorials
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California: America's First Failed State
In 1965, California housed a reasonable 15 million people. No traffic jams, little air pollution and everyone spoke English. Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles, ended at the Santa Monica Pier. Amer...    Continue

    Posted on 01/21/12 | Editorials
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Fun-loving Hutton centenarian recalls a daredevil past
WINNIE Turner happily diced with danger when her first husband tested powerful new motorcycles in their wild younger days. And there is little sign of her slowing up at the grand old age of 100. ...    Continue

    Posted on 01/17/12 | Editorials
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Jesse James - Memory Lane's vacant and gone for the Biker Builder
Before Jesse James made headlines as a serial cheater, he was well liked and a respected member of his community in Long Beach where he ran his "West Coast Chopper Business." The building where Jesse ...    Continue

    Posted on 01/13/12 | Editorials
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COLUMN — President has ‘reservations,’ but we should all be outraged
"Reservations"? He has "reservations"? Imagine President Obama's teenage daughter telling her father she wants to hang out with some friends that evening. After supper, a gang o...    Continue

    Posted on 01/12/12 | Editorials
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Bike Week is a testament to our wonderful Freedom of Assembly
To the editor, First off Mr. Devens, I am a Viet Nam vet. Not by choice; I was drafted. Because of that, I am sensitive when it comes to basic rights after being put in harms way to protect them. ...    Continue

    Posted on 01/12/12 | Editorials
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Spotting a bogus cop
Three people have been arrested for impersonating law enforcement officers and fooling real officers into believing they were not bogus. It happened Wednesday night, December 29th, 2011. The accus...    Continue

    Posted on 01/04/12 | Editorials
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If you don't like Bike Week as is, stay home!
Proposed changes by the Laconia city government for Bike Week at Weirs Beach have me both amused and distressed. Bike Week is not the Sandwich Fair. Nor is it a July 4 family cookout at Weirs Beach...    Continue

    Posted on 12/30/11 | Editorials
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