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IN MY OPINION: by W.T."RoadBlock" Harrell When I saw the recent news coverage about the sheriffs across America who dared to speak up about the new gun plans, I was elated and relieved. Some were candid, others were very careful, but all made it clear their choice to NOT enforce new proposed gun rules was based on the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment about the right to own and bear arms. Sheriff Denny Peyman Many veterans are also concerned about the President's new gun control plans. They insist they will resist any move they believe infringes on their Second Amendment gun rights. Some people don't understand why law enforcement officers and veterans would refuse to enforce new gun control laws. To begin with, every sheriff, law enforcement officer, and all military mem...    Continue

    Posted on 01/22/13 | Editorials
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Post a 1%er at every school entrance
Post a 1%er at every school entrance    Continue

    Posted on 12/20/12 | Editorials
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Black Rose Writing Presents Thunder Road by David Donaghe
When Mike McDonald, a Persian Gulf War vet, wakes up from a coma and can't remember his own name, a burning white caldron of anger boils inside him. Mike's friends relay the facts to him, informing Mi...    Continue

    Posted on 04/18/12 | Editorials
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We like bikers, not noise
There is no doubt that bikers are a wonderful group of people who generally spend money attending events. Unfortunately, these bikers just don't seem to understand that residents in a community don't ...    Continue

    Posted on 04/09/12 | Editorials
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Letter: Biker noise a problem
Spring has come early this year. People are out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, including motorcycle riders. While most riders are considerate of others, a few insist on ridiculously loud exha...    Continue

    Posted on 04/01/12 | Editorials
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Members of Congress Download A Lot of Illegal Torrents
Torrents can be a troublesome thing for a lot of people: they know that, objectively, it is stealing, but downloading TV shows seems so harmless, and they're right there. For a lot of people, it's jus...    Continue

    Posted on 02/16/12 | Editorials
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Captain America Motorcycle Suit: Harley Not Included
Get ready to assemble your Avengers motorcycle gang with this awesome Captain America Motorcycle Suit from UD Replicas. It's officially-licensed and is a nicely detailed replica of the suit worn in Ca...    Continue

    Posted on 02/11/12 | Editorials
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Stephen King, son Joe Hill team for 'Road Rage' series
Stephen King and Joe Hill are a pair of easy riders, and when it comes to collaborating, the father and son are easy writers, too. Their first story as a duo, Throttle, is being released as a new I...    Continue

    Posted on 02/11/12 | Editorials
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Letter: Motorcycles
This is in response to a letter published in The Friday Flyer (January 27) regarding motorcycles. I think it's a shame the writer compares cancer to motorcycles. If she actually read the article in th...    Continue

    Posted on 02/10/12 | Editorials
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Gonzo affair
Gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson's drug-fueled, wild run through the American cultural landscape ended seven years ago on Feb. 20 when he shot himself through the head in the style of his idol, Ernest...    Continue

    Posted on 02/07/12 | Editorials
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