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Biker garb forces court to overturn sex abuse conviction - Bikers Against Child Abuse
TALLAHASSEE - A state appeals court Wednesday ordered a new trial for a man convicted of sexually abusing his former stepdaughter because of the possible influence on jurors of people wearing leather jackets emblazoned with the name "Bikers Against Child Abuse." In a 2-1 decision, the 1st District Court of Appeal said the bikers were seen sitting in a hallway with jurors on the morning that the trial of Brian Scott Long was scheduled to start in Duval County. The majority of the appeals court agreed with Long's attorney that "an unacceptable risk was created that the verdict reached was, at least in part, a result of the pre-trial encounter with the insignia-laden bikers." "While we would not describe the bikers with a pejorative term such as mob, it is never...    Continue

    Posted on 10/29/14 | General News
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Chopper Exhibit at National Motorcycle Museum
The long history of choppers is a uniquely American story, akin to Rock 'n Roll in its cultural impact and global influence. The National Motorcycle Museum is assembling the first-ever exhibit compreh...    Continue

    Posted on 10/29/14 | General News
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What This Biker Gang Does To Children Is Jaw-Dropping! [Video] - Bikers Against Child Abuse
When it comes to biker gangs, the generalized view most of society has for them are similar to representations in movies like Mad Max or The Road Warrior. It seems that everyone, especially those in t...    Continue

    Posted on 10/29/14 | General News
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Bike Build-Off: Three schools square off in motorcycle rebuilding contest
In June, William Blount High School was crowned Bike Build-Off winner. Its students will attempt to defend that title this year against last year's runner-up, Heritage High School, and a new co...    Continue

    Posted on 10/21/14 | General News
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"Easy Rider" Harley-Davidson motorcycle sells for $1.3 million at auction
Peter Fonda's "Captain America" motorcycle used during the filming of the 1969 movie classic "Easy Rider" sold for $1.3 million to an unnamed buyer. Made by Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer ...    Continue

    Posted on 10/20/14 | General News
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‘No Hand Man’ completes record-setting ride
ADRIAN No Hand Man has set the record. Phil Comar of Adrian rode his motorcycle across, through and up Michigan for 534 miles last Sunday. The ride started at the southern state line in Monro...    Continue

    Posted on 10/19/14 | General News
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Bikers have shootout on Rochester street(vid)
ROCHESTER -- A large melee between rival biker gangs in the middle of a street escalated Tuesday night from fists to a shootout that left two people wounded and the neighborhood riddled with bullets. ...    Continue

    Posted on 10/16/14 | General News
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Behind The Motorcycles In 'Easy Rider,' A Long-Obscured Story
On Oct. 18, the Calabasas, Calif.-based auction house Profiles In History will auction off what it says is the last authentic motorcycle used in the filming of 1969's Easy Rider, and what some conside...    Continue

    Posted on 10/11/14 | General News
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Handgun found 30 miles from motorcycle club murders(vid)
NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB)- Sources tell News 4 that police have found the handgun used in a double murder in North Tonawanda. New York State Police, Erie County Sheriff Deputies, FBI agents and ...    Continue

    Posted on 10/09/14 | General News
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Fight at LR motorcycle club ends with 1 dead
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A man is dead after an alleged fight at a Little Rock motorcycle club. Sgt. Cassandra Davis released information that states police officers were sent to St. Vincent's Oc...    Continue

    Posted on 10/08/14 | General News
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