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General News:


Mobile App Makes Motorcycle Parking Easier
Finding safe and reliable parking got a whole lot easier for twenty-five million motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts across the U.S. with the newly released CurbNinja mobile app. CurbNinja is the first community-based parking solution designed specifically for users who rely on motorbikes (motorcycles & scooters) for transportation. Similar to other community-based solutions (Waze or Zimride), CurbNinja relies on the power of its users to accurately maintain its inventory of parking spots specific to motorbikes. "We're all aware that parking in urban areas is a huge problem," said Tim Hines, Co-Founder. "However, motorbikers suffer their own unique pains like long searches, availability, costs and most importantly, safety. Most cities do not offer an infrastructure for mot...    Continue

    Posted on 05/22/15 | General News
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Almost 90, she rides across U.S. each year on motorcycle
This August, Gloria Tramontin Struck, who will be 90 in July, will ride nearly 2,000 miles to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, where more than one million riders are expected. She's been making the trek ...    Continue

    Posted on 05/22/15 | General News
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Indiana Rolling Thunder heads to Washington, DC (video))
INDIANAPOLIS - You may have heard a booming sound moving through downtown Indianapolis Thursday morning. That was the Indiana Chapter of the Rolling Thunder leaving the Indiana War Memorial for their ...    Continue

    Posted on 05/21/15 | General News
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U.S. aims to crack down on 'novelty' motorcycle helmets
U.S. transportation regulators on Wednesday called for stronger rules for motorcycle helmets, proposing additional safety requirements in an effort to crack down on "novelty" helmets that do not meet ...    Continue

    Posted on 05/20/15 | General News
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Rolling Thunder Ready to Roar Into D.C. Sunday
As hundreds of thousands of motorcycles race into the District for the Rolling Thunder Ride to Freedom, so will some road closures. The annual event honoring military veterans and soldiers who are ...    Continue

    Posted on 05/19/15 | General News
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Zero motorcycle deaths as Harley Rally comes to a close
Bikers have taken over the Grand Strand since earlier this month. The Spyder Rally was the first one to come to the area, and Saturday was the busiest day of the Spring Harley Rally. Cpl. So...    Continue

    Posted on 05/17/15 | General News
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Hundreds of motorcycle riders roll through Las Cruces on way to D.C. for Memorial Day ceremonies
Paying respects: Hundreds of motorcyclists stop at Veterans Park on way to Washington, D.C. LAS CRUCES >> The ultimate destination for this massive group of motorcycle riders is the Vietnam Veter...    Continue

    Posted on 05/17/15 | General News
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Jet-Powered Motorcycle Attempts 400 MPH Runs at Bonneville - Video
A British team is bent on reaching beyond the 400 mph (644 km/h) bar this fall. The Brits are travelling to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with a jet-powered motorcycle, trying to settle some busin...    Continue

    Posted on 05/16/15 | General News
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Biker club members to plea in federal drug, gun case
Two men arrested earlier this year as part of a federal wiretap investigation into large-scale drug dealing by a city motorcycle gang called "Lords Among Warriors" have said they intend to enter guilt...    Continue

    Posted on 05/15/15 | General News
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Local bikers team Run for the Wall from California to D.C. - Rolling Thunder
Memorial Day is right around the corner and three local bikers are heading out to Ontario, Calif., to ride the Southern Route of the Run for the Wall. The 27th annual ride began Wednesday, May 13, and...    Continue

    Posted on 05/14/15 | General News
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