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1%er News:

Springfield police keep watch on biker turf war

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Missouri - ~Tension alleged between two local groups~

An international "turf war" between rival outlaw motorcycle clubs appears to have ties to Springfield.

As recently as last month, members of the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were in the city to support a Springfield chapter of an affiliated club, according to recently released Greene County court documents.

Those documents, a search warrant return filed early this month, give a rare glimpse into the affiliation, culture and penetration of outlaw motorcycle clubs in Springfield.

On June 2, a Springfield police officer conducted surveillance for eight hours as members of six motorcycle gangs gathered at a North West Bypass address.

Among the clubs represented at the advertised event, "Hellbound Boogie," were the Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club, the Midwest Drifters and the Hells Angels, according to the documents.

Anonymous information led police to believe the Hells Angels club was in Springfield to "address problems" between the Galloping Goose and a rival group, the Vagos Motorcycle Club.


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Posted on 7/16/2012 8:55 AM | 1%er News
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bull shit
Posted by vbritt on 7/16/2012 12:12 PM

whoever wrote this atricle does not have a clue about any thing . the thing down at waynesville was not a large fight. 2 shot 1 grazed leg one in ass? one or both women ? hell that could have occured at any local bar. did hear it was a face to face thing. the feds busted the goose , a while back, and weakened the club and other clubs moved in . this happens when the feds bust a club so it is really the feds fault missouri is having this problem. 6 clubs meeting? it may have been a meeting to straighten out the problems peacefully or not . either way there is no law against a meeting of clubs. the hollister thing has been proven to be a made up thing by the media expanding on the truth to the breaking point of making it a myth full of lies. the ama did mention that 99% of motorcycle riders follow the rules the 1% that do not, were the ones not wearing the nifty motorcycle duds of the day and were rowdy in their behavior. i believe this also had to do with racing, rallies not only hollister. now i may be wrong on a lot of this as i am only an independent rider with no ties to any club. i will not spout shit like it is gospel like the author of this article did.

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