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1976 - 2014
Ride Free Flash. See you on the other side. Love & Respect,your Brother, Torque

Kenny Warner
1976 - 2014
R.I.P. Kenny Your Family and Friends






Marty Burke
1963 - 1992
RIP Killed by a so-called friend James Becker. The best son a mother could have. Miss you dearly

melvyn cross
9-14-42 -
swell mel
love you. miss you. the world isnt the same with out you.

Richard Duffield
09/16/1953 - 10/25/2013
At 1:45 pm on 10/25/2013 RD cranked up his Harley for the last time. Hit the throttle hard and sped off into the cosmos. His heart was filled with a heavenly light, his soul was at peace. His spirit was laughing. He was grinning ear to ear and his eyes were We all love you man.

G.B.N.F. The GOON Was cruising along listening to a road song as I turned off the Jersey Pike onto the Garden State. Got a text beep and checked to see who was bothering me on a road trip and tempting fate. It was a friend that I thought may be in need so I stopped and opened it up to read. The words hit me like a hammer hard and fast, the man they call Goon was no longer with us as he had passed. As the miles ticked by thoughts of this man flooded my head, We had not spoken for a couple of weeks and now he is dead. I thought about the first time we had the chance of fate to meet. I had walked into the bar looking for the handsome blue eyed devil he had described by phone. I hear “ BC you ugly Fuck” and from the end of the bar see this giant flipping me the bone. Walked up and said pot/kettle my friend and proceeded to shake his outstretched hand. I could tell by his actions, this would be a test and decided not to let my mind rest. As the bottles piled up and shots passed our lips the barbs got passed and rolled off sleeves. Next thing I know it is two am and time for my ass to take leave. Got up from the table the best my drunk ass would allow and said to all goodbye. Goon got up from his seat, said “admit you been beat” and stuck out his huge hand to shake. He looked down at my eyes and said with a smile, “ it is never good bye it is till I see you again”. As these thoughts crossed my mind and the tear did ease a smile started to form on my lips. This big giant man with one shake of his hand had touched my life in some way, even having buried brothers sometimes it seems every day. But the big man, with one shake of his hand, had me as his friend it is strange to say. I will miss you my friend and now and again will hold up a shot to stories of you. Till I see you again, you will remain a dear friend and I will cherish my memories of you. ML&R BC [edit] Date: 9-3-2013 10:56 AM Reply

Heathen Dutch
Died on his motorcycle doing what he loved. RIP Brother see at the Riders Roost in the sky.

Eric Boss
8-8-1975 - 7-31-2013

David 1%er
11/78 - 06/13
The fallen brother is my son...Wear your helmit...If he'd been wearing one he'd still be here...

Robbie Soper
Nov 1961 - May 7 2011
Didn't know u were gone till now (2 years after the fact)You were one of the funniest people I've ever known and even in my sorrow I'm grinning.Your with Karen again so I know your are both Happy so I guess all us schmucks left here should be ok till we meet on the other side and ride together again.Rightous Brutal Love Warpig

Tom Craig
March 19, 1953 - Dec 7th, 2010
TC- you know
Always a brother. AFFA. TC- you know Happy 60th daddio

1956 - 2005
Glenda, this is Joker's daughter. I know your name as a trusted friend of my dad and saw your post. If you get this, can you post something back. There are questions I'd like to ask you. My dad was a wonderful man. Love you Daddy-O!

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