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Eric Venth
xx xx 1958 - May 26 06
sambo 1%
Ride on where ever u are some of your brothers are already there sooner or later we all will be there your bros RAT PACK MC NOMADS VIRGINA 1%

william roach
1950 - 2006
Another old schooled saddel tramp gone but never forgotten ride safe say hi to pop your sorley misssed

Harley Davidson Motor Company
1903 - 1999
Lived a long and happy life, died from corporate greed! Build your own and don't buy anything factory and let the RUB's ride their cookie cutter crap! RIP and Remember... Fuck the Factory

Robert Hollis
July 22,1937 - January 7, 2007
Rocky you were one of a kind my Brother, and loved by all who knew you. You'll be so sadly missed more then you could've ever imagined. Just like Dannny Belcher said, in 2 weeks the angels will have a new song called THERE'S NO SALAD BAR LEFT IN HEAVEN, ROCKY'S BEEN Rocky my Brother, after knowing you close to 30 yrs, this has got to be one ofthe most painfullest losses I've had to endure, but Bro we WILL see each other again. I Love you Rocky. Renegade

bernice allen childs

you are remembered every time a scooter cranks up,we love ya,bro

Stephen Daniels
Dec 1946 - May 2005
Uncle Luke, You meant more to me (& Daniel) than you realized. We think of you daily & we miss you SO much that it hurts. RIP We love you! Luv~ Ruthie

Jennifer Rosamond
6/21/71 - 4/7/06
You embraced and loved a life style I introduced you to. I could see your love and passion for the freedom of our life every day on every ride. The old man in a cage took you away but he could not kill my love for you! Ride hard and ride free. I will be riding at your side again...Someday! Till then every day, every ride is in honor of you!

Gregory Thomas T. Scott
1981 - 2002
21 We all ask why at only twenty-one Why we must say goodbye to our son He was only with us for so few of years Now he lives with us in every drop of tears Who could have seen there would be no tomorrow Who could have known it would cause so much sorrow An angel among us with the biggest of hearts It doesnt seem real that now we must part Your day of birth should bring you happiness and joy Why should I have to say goodbye to my baby boy He was loved and cherished by so many as a friend We have all come together as we come to the end So many times I got to show him the way Yet so many things I never got to say The Lord said it was time and pulled him aside Put his arms around him and opened his eyes wide Now he lives with us in the strongest of mothers Now we even see him in the faces of others Every time were laughing I know he is near I know when I reach heaven he will be there He will live forever in our thoughts and prayers

Rex Snyder
10/19/1957 - 10/07/2006
You will be missed by all who knew you.

Randy Logan
2 / 20 / 65 - 11 / 23 / 06
Doodle you will never be forgotten, You are know free to ride with out a helmet. Love You Brother.

kenny D
5-17-50 - 3-17-06
Forever in our hearts, forever in the wind

Paul Karlson
5-28-50 - 11-05
You are always remembered

Geno Miceli
7-24-57 - 6-29-01
Love and miss you bro

Bobby Ray Owens Jr.
4/19/54 - 11/11/06
For those of you who knew my brother, my friend, knew he was a hell of a guy. Bobby Ray loved to ride. We will all miss and think of him with the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair, he'll be ridin right next to us with that smile. Never to be Forgotten... KQ

2-16-1952 - 11-19-2006
krazy karl 1%er IHMC

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